Psychometric Test | Do you know what is hidden in holding cup gesture?

6 Kinds Of Cup Gesture Reveal Your True Personality To Reflect How Much Pressure You Have In Your Life Recently!

Sometimes body language reflects a person’s thoughts to a large extent. There is a psychometric test circulating on the Internet that can detect personality traits and life situations from the way you hold a cup. Let’s see the cup gesture style below:

Please Select The Style Below!

1. Both Hands

This cup gesture means you have a generous heart and willing to help others when someone needs help. Your good compassion makes you know how to be a good listener if someone needs to pour out their heart. You understand how to care about the other person’s emotions and give them a chance to talk about what is on their mind so that they can relieve their stress.

This is because you can empathize with the emotions of others. You can use your sense of humor to help your team members adjust and relieve stress at the right time. 

You value the opinions of others and consider the importance of maintaining a harmonious team relationship. Of course, you don’t want any conflict between members. One of your great strengths is your willingness to put your own opinions last and give priority to the needs of others.

However, most of the time you will ignore your true thoughts for the benefit of the group. You should not forget that you are also a member of the team. Your opinion can also be valuable. Learn to truly integrate into the group instead of making yourself less important.

2. Only few fingers into the cup ear

Using this holding cup hand gesture shows you are full of confidence in your own abilities. You always demand the best possible outcome and only in the most difficult situation will you consider compromise. Your overconfidence will lead you to extremes and become a stumbling block to your own success.

You are a talented leader. You can make decisive decisions in emergency situations and guide people in the right direction.  Always confident, know exactly what you want, and know clearly what to prioritize.

Your hand gesture shows that you are a true leader. With an intuitive and knowledgeable approach to talent management. You are very good at managing positions.

However, it is important to note that your self-confidence may lead to self-centeredness, which may cause you to overestimate yourself and thus tend to lack objectivity.

3. Grab the bottom of the cup

This cup gesture means your good self-discipline keeps your daily life well organized. You need to think carefully about making a decision because you worry about the consequences of a bad decision. As you know you are a good employee and having a strong sense of responsibility at work. Remind yourself that you need to think rationally and not let your emotions get in the way of your thinking. For instance, you use logic to solve problems.

You don’t easily reveal your innermost thoughts to others, so you are the only person who can listen to your sensual side. You are too cautious and can become a barrier to your own breakthrough, thus missing out on challenges. Prudence is a good thing, but when it goes too far, it makes you feel stagnant.

4. Put most of your finger in cup ear

You remain rational and calm at all times, your EQ is very high. If you encounter something emotional, you can do your best to control yourself and face it calmly.

Most of the friends, who meet you for the first time think that you don’t need to deal with emotional problems. They do not understand that you are always patient. Therefore, they don’t see you under any pressure, they think you are living naturally. They even misunderstand you as an indifferent person.

In fact, you worry that if you don’t manage your emotional outbursts properly, you’ll hurt someone’s feelings. So you need to have a “calm mask” to protect those who are not familiar with you.

You are a sincere person. If you know that something extremely unfair has happened . Your sense of justice makes you unable to calmly accept it, you will put away the “calm mask”.

Only real friends who have known you for a long time can perceive how sincere and caring you are. Finding the right way to vent your emotions is what you need. Do not use your cold side to cover up your passion for too long. You should let others understand that you are a caring person , and that you deserve to get more friends.

5. Grab the other side of cup ear

You like to keep things simple and straightforward. Therefore, you don’t like to get used to wasting time on trivial things and interested in your surroundings. Fortunately, there are not many things that can bother you.

So you are not easily influenced by the outside world and your calmness is a valuable advantage that allows you to see opportunities and the most interesting moments in life.

You are energetic at all times and willing to run for your life and take all kinds of risks. You are easy-going but do not follow the crowd.

Although you are calm, you are characterized by your dislike of wasting time on trivial matters, so you ignore important information in difficult situations. You don’t like to spend too much time analyzing things, so you can easily make wrong conclusions directly. You must take the long view when making decisions.

6. One hand holds the handle, the other hand holds the cup

You are a kind person who values relationships, and you love your family and friends very much. Your friends and family have a great influence on your deep heart, and you are very easily influenced by them. Of course you don’t choose your friends randomly, you feel loved when you open your heart.

Relationships and family are always your first priority and you need their love and care. The inner environment of your family must be a kind and comfortable atmosphere.

Making friends is not easy for you, you choose your friends carefully. The people you trust can become your true friends, and naturally. You will show your best friend your sincere and childlike side. You can easily rely on your friends around you, and you may feel a little uneasy without someone around.

Build more self-confidence for yourself. Then, it is nice to enjoy feel independent and a little alone time once in a while.

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