How to make your outfits look unique ? Using embroidered iron on patch

Everyday clothes and outfits bought in markets are mass-produced and lack a unique personal style, making our outfits easily the same. How to fix this? Using iron on patch.

We introduce popular Japanese mascot embroidered patches which are including Sanrio Hello Kitty, My Melody, San-x Sumikko Gurashi, and Rilakkuma. They are very good quality and made in Taiwan. We would like to tell you that you can DIY your own style on your tees, sweaters or backpacks. The cute craft is fast and cheap!

DIY Project of cute iron on patch to your stuffs

See how to use your creativity to change these general things into your own unique and personalized items. Maybe the following examples can inspire you more ideas. Let’s take a look at our recommended Japanese kawaii characters iron-on patches .

Decorate your makeup bag or pencil case

Decorate your makeup bag or pencil case

Almost every girl needs a makeup bag, it is a good necessity to accompany you everywhere.

Even with the most general makeup bag as long as you can express your personality with the right decorations, embroidery patches will be a good choice for you.

If you choose a pencil case made of cloth, you can express unlimited creativity. Both boy and girl can have their own unique side, which can be show for you with a simple embroidered patch.

Sumikko Gurashi Strawberry series iron on patch

The theme of Sumikko Gurashi – Strawberry Fair at Kissa Sumikko

Solid-colored bucket hat can be seen everywhere and are very common

Make the ordinary and plain outfit adorable

Solid-colored bucket hat can be seen everywhere and are very common. Or maybe you always have some clothes or backpacks that are very similar to other people’s clothing.

Do you have any thoughts about saying goodbye to this?

The best part is that you can make it your own!
Attaching your favorite Hello Kitty , My Melody or your favorite iron on patch is a quick DIY method.

Sanrio Hello Kitty and My Melody series iron on patch

Free to design your phone case

Free to design your phone case

The back of the iron on patch is adhesive, if you don’t use heat to fuse it to a flat surface, the back is still a piece of adhesive. You can find glue or double-sided tape to stick them directly on the phone case.

Transparent phone case is like a piece of white paper, let you play and create, put your own ideas free to paste.

Crystal stickers are also a good choice for decorating phone cases.

Sumikko Gurashi Travel series iron on patch

The theme of Sumikko GurashiOheya No Sumi De Tabi Kibun Sugoroku ( おへやのすみでたびきぶんすごろく )

You may need a beanie hat for your friend

Solid color unisex beanie

You may need a beanie hat for your friend, lover or child on a cold winter day. Use their favorite embroidered patches to decorate the hat with your caring. It’s the thought that counts.

Since the texture of the beanie hat is not easy to stick, it is recommended to find the right color thread to attach the embroidery patch to the surface of the hat. Otherwise, it will easily fall off.

Sumikko Gurashi Carrying Stuffs series iron on patch

The theme of Sumikko GurashiCarrying Stuffs series

Did the examples above inspire your creativity?
Go ahead and start making your own crafts with iron on patch!

Please read the following details carefully before starting.


When using with Sealant Adhesive
Remove any dirt or dust on the surface of the part you want to attach before applying.
* If left on for a long time, the adhesive may adhere to the surface to which it is applied.
* When attached to paper or leather products, the surface may peel off.

When ironing to fabric products 
* Do not use any water or stay with fog / wet weather.

  1. Place the patch in the desired position.
    Choose the position of your T-shirts, sweaters, handbags, jeans or hats
    for showing your favorite mascot embroidered patches.
    Iron on patch of step 1 Place the patch

  2. Turn your iron to heat up at medium temperature ( 140 ° C to 150 ° C )
    Iron on patch of step 2 - iron heat up

  3. Please use 100% cotton cloth to cover the top of the patch before you ironing.
    ( Avoid to use Any Color cotton cloth will Dye on the patch )
    Ironing from the back to make sure it adheres well.
    Iron on patch of step 3 - cotton cloth cover on the patch before ironing
  4. Press the patch firmly with an iron about 20 to 30 seconds
    Iron on patch of step 4 - press the iron
  5. Do not touch or move the patch until it has cooled completely.
    Iron on patch of step 5 - wait the patch cooled

*IMPORTANT : Sew the patch onto items used for extended periods of time, items that are washed frequently
or knitted items and other items with uneven surfaces.

The whole Ironing procedure should always be done by a guardian out of the reach of children.
Do not give to baby or children who may accidentally swallow or eat.

Handling Precautions

  • Please wash with water. Avoid bleaching and dry cleaning.
  • Do not use it in a dryer.
  • Please do not iron patch onto materials susceptible to heat, such as acrylic synthetic fibers.
  • Please use it by sewing it on knitting or objects with a sharp convexity on the surface.
  • When the product is wet, the color may fade or transfer to other clothing.
  • If you remove the patch that has been glued, the adhesive may remain or the fabric may be damaged.

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